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Karolina Jasko has a family history of melanoma, so she's no stranger to paying attention to her skin. Experts like Dr.

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Jasko, 21, who is now a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, first became aware of the unusual spot in when she was a senior in high school.

When the acrylics were removed during one particular visit, the technician pointed out what seemed to be a bruise on her right thumb nail. But about a week later, her nail became infected, swollen and red, which led her to see her doctor. Jasko was immediately referred to a dermatologist who told her she needed to undergo a biopsy that same day at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. The portion of her thumb nail with the line was removed during the biopsy, which confirmed it was melanoma.

Jasko had to return for surgery to remove the whole nail matrix.

black line on nail melanoma

Doctors told her it was possible they might also have to amputate the whole thumb, but were able to save the digit. A skin graft from her groin area covered her thumb, which no longer has a nail. The nail infection — which was unrelated to the melanoma, but led Jasko to see a doctor — may have saved her life, doctors told her.

Melanoma on the extremities — nails, hands and feet — is the rarest subtype of the skin cancer, accounting for less than 5 percent of all melanomas, Patel said. But it makes up about a third of all the melanomas that African Americans, Indians, Asians and other people with darker skin develop, which is a ten-fold increase compared to the general population, he noted.

This type of cancer — called acral lentiginous melanoma — tends to be more aggressive than other melanomas.

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It killed reggae legend Bob Marley at 36 after it showed up as a dark spot under his toenail. The main symptom is melanonychia, or a pigmented vertical streak on the nail. Some people have likened it to a line drawn by a Sharpie. Pigment extending from the nail portion onto the cuticle and nearby skin, which is called a Hutchinson's signis also of concern. This type of melanoma is more driven by genetics and family history than sun exposure, but people should still follow sun-safe practices, he added:.

She now paints her nails with regular polish and skips the gel manicures. She also gets her skin checked every four months and is doing well. Previously, she was a writer, producer and editor at CNN.

Follow today. Don't miss a beat, like us on Facebook. Melanoma survivor shares her story after countless skin cancer surgeries May 1, You have access to important clues about your health right at the tips of your fingers. Nails can signal everything from lung conditions to anemia, the American Academy of Dermatology notes.

Natalie Azar.

black line on nail melanoma

This may be a sign of melanoma. While you may think the deadliest type of skin cancer always shows up as a mole or dark spot, it can actually start in the nail.

Course of action: Get any brown pigmentation on your nail checked out by a dermatologist. This common problem can happen because of an issue with your diet or the chemicals your hands are exposed to. Nails are formed in the nail matrix, the root of the nail. That's why people with eating disorders can notice problems with nails.

Brittle nails can also indicate iron-deficiency anemia or thyroid diseases. Remember: Nails are made of keratin, a protein. A common myth is that calcium plays a role. If your body has the material to create the perfect nails, harsh chemicals can still break them down as they grow. Think of nails as a brick wall: the chemicals can remove the mortar that holds the bricks together, Rich said.

That can include detergent water and nail polish remover. Course of action: Make sure you are eating a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of protein.

Avoid using harsh chemicals on your nails. Even acetone-free polish remover can make your nails brittle if you use it too often and too much, Rich said. Vertical ridges are common as you get older and most people eventually get them. She discourages patients from buffing or filing the ridges smooth because that thins the nail.

They indicate something caused the nail to stop growing temporarily. Triggers can include high fever, chemotherapy, a serious illness, major surgery, blood transfusion, a car accident or any major stress to your system, Rich noted. Vertical ridges are usually just a part of aging. The condition, called punctate leukonychia, is actually due to some kind of minor trauma when the nail is being formed. Course of action: Wait — the spots will vanish as the nails grow out.

You'll see them for a while because it takes about six months to grow a new fingernail from start to finish.There is a black line in one of my nails. It starts at cuticle and ends at tip. Is this a sign of skin cancer?

What Is a Toenail Melanoma?

Skin cancer can occur under the nail. The line can be a few millimeters wide or can be much wider. The line can continue through your cuticle.

black line on nail melanoma

Because people of color often have darker streaks through their nail which are harmlessthis type of cancer is often overlooked. If you have subungual melanomayou might notice other changes in your nail. These include thickening of the nail, your nail lifting from the nail bed, grooves in your nail or pain in the area.

It is always beneficial to have any changes in your skin, including your nails, checked by a dermatologist. This type of cancer accounts for only about 5 percent of melanomas, however, in people of color it accounts for between 30 and 40 percent of melanomas. When applying sunscreendon't forget to apply to your nails as well as your skin.

Some nail polishes now have sunscreen in them. Bob Marley's Skin Cancer. Jan 1, Question Asked by alissa. You should know: The answer above provides general health information that is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment recommendations from a qualified healthcare professional.A woman has shared a warning in which she claims that finding a black line down your nail could be a sign of cancer.

Skinner urged her to visit the doctor about it, and she claims the woman then found out she had melanoma. She called me today to tell me that yes it was a very aggressive melanoma that has already spread to her lymph nodes!! Her prognosis is not good! They do advise, however, that dark stripes on nails shouldn't be ignored because they could in fact be a sign of subungal melanoma, a form of skin cancer that affects the nail bed.

Melanoma makes up four per cent of total cancers in the UK and it has become per cent more common since the early s, according to Cancer Research UK. Symptoms can occur in various places of the body, including under fingernails, between your toes or on your scalp.

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Read more. Melanoma of the nail unit is usually a variant of acral lentiginous melanoma melanoma arising on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

black line on nail melanoma

Other types of melanoma rarely arising under the nails are nodular melanoma and desmoplastic melanoma. Melanoma of the nail unit usually affects either a thumbnail or great toenail, but any finger or toenail may be involved. The term includes:. It arises in people of all races, whatever their skin colour.

Toenail Melanoma – Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Although no more common in dark skin than fair skin, it is the most common type of melanoma diagnosed in deeply pigmented individuals. It is most diagnosed between the age of 40 and 70 [1]. It is not thought to be due to sun exposure. Trauma may be a factor, accounting for the greater incidence in the great toe and thumb. Management of melanoma is evolving. Subungual melanoma often starts as a pigmented band visible the length of the nail plate melanonychia.

Over weeks to months, the pigment band:. However, in up to half of all cases, subungual melanoma is amelanotic not pigmented. Ungual melanoma can form a nodule under the nail plate, lifting it onycholysis. It may sometimes look like a wart verrucous. It is usually painless, but an advanced tumour invading underlying bone may cause severe pain. A melanocytic naevus of the nail matrix results in a pigmented band melanonychia. This tends to be narrower than 3 mm but can be wider and a uniform brown or dark brown colour.

Benign pigmentation observed in the cuticle, or proximal nail fold is referred to as pseudo-Hutchinson sign. Melanoma of the nail unit Melanoma of nail unit. See more images of melanoma of the nail unit. The dermatoscopic examination may reveal more details showing pigmented lines of varying colour, width and spacing.

These lines tend to lose their usual tendency to run parallel to each other along the length of the nail. Ungual melanoma forms a non-pigmented lump under the nail plate, eventually resulting in its destruction. The diagnosis of melanoma is confirmed by biopsy of the nail matrix and nail bed.

It can be a difficult diagnosis requiring examination by expert dermatopathologists. The pathologist should report whether the melanoma is in-situ or invasive. The description of invasive melanoma should include its thickness in millimetres and what level of tissue has been invaded.Have you ever looked down at your hand and discovered black lines in your fingernails?

What about your toenails? It can be pretty weird and unsettling, and it can also be the result of some bigger health problems. When red or black lines in the fingernails are vertical in shape, it could be a sign of melanoma or heart disease, so getting it checked out by the doctor is highly recommended.

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Not every black or red line running vertically down your fingernail or toenail is a cause for worry. Sometimes it can be related to a nutritional deficiency or an injury, and other times it can be benign. But sometimes it means cancer. What kind of cancer is represented by black lines in the fingernails?

Melanoma; specifically, a type called longitudinal melanonychia. This occurs when there is an overproduction of melanocytes, which are mature melanin-forming cells, in the area of the nail. Black lines may not always be directly related to mole growth or melanoma, but could also be caused by aging, nutritional issues, arthritis, fungus infections, or a heart infection. Red lines that may develop under your nails are also an indicator that something could be wrong.

These red lines, called splinter hemorrhages, can be the result of a heart infection that have caused capillaries to burst. Dark-skinned people, for example, are far more likely to see black lines forming under their nails, but they also have more instances where said lines are benign. It should be noted that this type of melanoma, subungual melanoma, is extremely rare, especially in the United States.

When melanoma is responsible for the appearance of the lines, your doctor will consider a few things, such as:. Of course, the black lines in your nails may not be melanoma. As mentioned, they are common in dark-skinned individuals, often without health repercussions. As mentioned earlier, a fungus could cause the appearance of these lines, or it could simply be a result of aging.

It could also have something to do with nerve damage resulting from a chronic condition like arthritis. Sometimes it could even be linked to a nutritional imbalance or deficiency. High levels of selenium may also play a role in forming black lines under the fingernails, so paying attention to diet and supplementation could offer some help.

Black lines can signify some further health troubles, but so can reddish or brown ones. These lines, mentioned earlier, are called splinter hemorrhages and indicate small areas of bleeding beneath the nails.

These thin red lines run vertically down the nail, and basically look like splinters, from which they draw their name.

Treating Melanoma and 3 Important Risk Factors - Mayo Clinic

These can occur for a number of reasons, and sometimes it can be an indicator of heart disease or cardiovascular problems. Splinter hemorrhages may be caused by small blood clots that damage the small capillaries beneath the nail.

They can also occur as a result of:. Damaged blood vessels can be caused from a variety of factors and they can appear in other areas of the body, as well. The eyes and nose are other places where this is seen, and can be a result of stress or heart troubles.A dark spot or streak on your toenail could be a sign of subungual melanoma.

Black Line In Nail: Is This A Sign Of Melanoma?

It's often slow and painless growth makes it tricky to catch early. Learn the signs and when to seek urgent treatment. We suspect melanoma from a pigmented spot that starts at the bottom of the nail next to the cuticle and makes a black streak on the toenail as it grows out toward the tip of the toe.

Sometimes you can have a discoloration of the nail fold at the proximal part of the nail and that discoloration of the skin is called a Hutchinson Sign. Seeing Hutchinson Sign on your toenail is a good indicator that you may have a malignancy at the nail matrix. It's often slow and painless growth make it tricky to catch.

In cases of suspected subungual melanoma you should expect your foot specialist to perform a simple surgical procedure called a nail matrix biopsy, right where the pigmented lesion is originating from.

A nail matrix biopsy is a full thickness biopsy through the nail plate and down to the nail bed. The specimen should then be sent to a certified pathology lab where the pathologist will look at the lesion under the microscope. The lab should also perform a special staining technique to the sample lesion to determine if the growth is malignant, pre-malignant or benign. If the diagnosis is melanoma of the nail unit then the definitive treatment is a digital amputation.

Melanoma is potentially life-threatening so if you have melanoma of the toe it needs to be dealt with aggressively. You need a quick diagnosis and surgery to remove any chance of it spreading. Lesions that occur on the nail unit or the soles of the feet need to be watched carefully for malignant transformation lesions changing in size or shape.

Little spots on little toenails could be signs of a big problem. Appointments Patient Login For appointment call: Doctors Eric Pack, D. Ginger Sellars, D. Don't Be Misdiagnosed. Sugungual melanoma orginates from the nail matrix Ungual melanoma originates from under the nail plate Periungual melanoma orginates from the skin beside the nail plate It's often slow and painless growth make it tricky to catch.

It usually becomes more irregular in pigmentation and can extend to involve the nail fold, known as Hutchinson Sign. The pigmented lesion may ulcerate or bleed.